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About Redemption Foods

So let us help ou to grow your soup sales with a "bowful of soul".We started making soups at our Co Durham kitchens in 2004, focusing on producing the best tasting fresh soups on the market.

More recently we have added fruit toppers and stews to our range, and we have always provided bespoke soups and sauces for chefs.

Taste comes from the ingredients, which we source fresh and locally where possible, good stocks, and the cooking process. Our understanding of these factors enables us to operate with confidence in the market, not content to follow others.

So why are we different?
  • We want to be the best producers of soup, not the biggest
  • We know the optimum batch size for cooking a good soup, so this is the batch size we use (it’s not the most cost effective, but it is the best)
  • All our products are made by trained chefs