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Redemption Foodservice

Redemption supply a comprehensive range of the best tasting soups, stews and fruit toppers, helping you to develop and sustain a strong customer base.

Our soups range from the simple to the exotic, from the traditional to the funky, but all are based on our thorough understanding of what makes good soup.

Using our expertise in soup making, we have simply added more chunky, fresh ingredients to bring you a range of one pot meals and classic stews.

Our fresh fruity toppers are perfect for all your layered yoghurts, and breakfast muesli/porridges.

Please see the product pages for full details on varieties and ingredients.

Our Commitment to you.
  • We will develop and produce the highest quality of hand-made soups, stews, fruit toppers and sauces
  • We will not compromise our standards by increasing our batch sizes and mass producing our products
  • We welcome your ideas and will strive to meet your requirements – many of our new products are the result of this dialogue
  • We will continue to develop new and innovative products
  • At Redemption we eat well and enjoy what we eat
  • All our soups are supplied in 4kg foodservice buckets
  • All our stews are supplied in 2kg pouches
  • All our fruit toppers are supplied in a 1kg foodservice bucket
The buckets ensure:
  • Food safety: tamper evident lids, sturdy plastic to minimise breakages
  • Flexibility: all buckets are re-sealable so any quantity may be used, and the remainder returned to the fridge.
  • Stackability: strong buckets enable stacking up to 12 high, facilitating optimum use of fridge space.
For details of your nearest wholesaler please visit the wholesalers page, or feel free to contact us.