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Stocking Advice

The secret to soup success is understanding the character of different soup types and building this into a menu.
At Redemption, we believe we have got the balance right for caterers looking to draw up appetising menus with real variety, with a massive 31 varieties to choose from across light, hearty, funky and chunky soup types.

The Redemption Food Company’s soups are split into four distinct ranges; 
  • Simple – simple but delicious, a range of traditional flavours e.g. Burns Scotch Broth
  • House – staples on every menu for different flavours all week e.g. Leek and Potato
  • Special – something a bit different to add excitement to menu e.g. Butternut Squash and Basil
  • Extra Special – a mix of more exotic recipes (eg Chilean Beef Ajaico) together with some chunky soups as a complete meal offer e.g. Chipotle Meatball

There are sufficient varieties in our four ranges to have two different soups on each day of the week, all of which give a consistently good flavour and quality. We would normally recommend having a vegetarian and a meat option, and try to have different soups from the previous day. It may sound self explanatory, but building a regular, loyal customer base is all about interest and variety.
In today’s market, catering for vegetarian and gluten free customers is also key, and all our relevant varieties are clearly marked.
Try to select some soups that reflect the season.

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Spring - Keeping fullness of flavour, a little lighter than the heavier winter soups, but still robust enough to keep the cold at bay. For example:

  • Chicken chowder
  • Minestrone
  • Chickpea and spinach
  • Beans and greens

Summer - Interesting flavours, light in texture and consistency to provide a bright and exciting alternative to never ending summer salads. Guilt-free and great for that beach body. For example:

  • Yellow pepper and stilton
  • Garden pea and mint
  • Tomato and fennel
  • Chilled gazpachio or avocado

Autumn – Warm and tangy, encompassing a taste of summer just gone, winter on its way. For example:

  • Carrot apple and celery
  • Split pea and ham
  • French onion

Winter – Hearty and filling, giving you energy and warmth to keep out the cold. For example:

  • Roasted parsnip and artichoke
  • Healthy vegetable and lentil broth
  • Chestnut and wild mushroom