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House Soups

Minted Garden Pea

An Excellent light pea soup bright green in colour. A subtle mint flavour with an added sweetness.

Minted Garden Pea.pdf
Tuscan Tomato & Basil

A fresh, creamy soup with a full tomato flavour. Back notes of red pepper give this soup real depth.

Tomato and Basil.pdf
Lentil & Bacon

Smoked bacon flavour with a velvety texture complimented by the sweetness of the carrots.

Lentil and Bacon.pdf
Yorkshire Carrot with sweet potato and coriander

The carrot is complimented by a flavoursome depth from the sweet potatoes and the red peppers.

Fresh Yorkshire Carrot with Sweet Potato and Coriander.pdf
Leek and Potato

A classic. The sweet flavour of the leeks combined with the creaminess of the potato make this a very satisfying soup. 

Leek and Potato.pdf
Chickpea & Spinach

A unique dahl soup full of spice flavour from coriander and cumin. Thickened by chickpeas. 

Chickpea and Spinach.pdf
Cock a Leekie

A traditional recipe with sweet leeks and succulent chicken.

Cock a Leekie.pdf
Chunky Vegetable and Red Lentil

A hearty wholesome blend of smooth lentils and chunky potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and green beans.

Chunky Vegetable and Red Lentil.pdf
Sambar Dahl

A true Indian temptation, with sweet/ sourness from the tamarind and a warm depth from the spice blend

Sambar Dahl.pdf
Creamy Potato & Double Gloucester

A little hint of spice works wonders in this creamy blend.

Creamy Potato and Double Gloucester.pdf
Parsnip, Carrot & Cumin

Sweet root veg flavour with and earthy spiced note.

Parsnip Carrot and Cumin.pdf