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Special Soups

Wild Mushroom

An intense mushroom taste rich and creamy with just a touch of garlic. 

Wild Mushroom.pdf
Boston Chicken Chowder

A thick cream soup with white wine and herbs. A New England style chowder with large pieces of chicken, sweetcorn and potato.

Boston Chicken Chowder.pdf
Parsnip and Red Chilli

The creaminess and smoothness coming from the pureed parsnips is complimented by the subtle heat of red chilli. 

Parsnip and Chilli.pdf
Pea & Ham

A non blended pea soup with delicious pieces of ham. 

Pea and Ham.pdf
Chicken & Vegetable

Light vegetable notes with a savoury chicken and cream finish.

Chicken and Vegetable.pdf
Mediterranean Tomato & Red pepper

Inspired by warmer climates this delicious tomato and red pepper soup delivers uncomplicated flavour.

Mediterranean Tomato and Red Pepper.pdf
Mexican chilli chicken

A Smokey and spicy rich tomato base, interrupted from time to time with some zing from zesty lime, this chicken and red kidney bean soup will warm on the coldest of days.

Mexican Chilli Chicken.pdf
Mexican Corn, Chilli & Lime

Fresh lime tang with a spicy and creamy sweet end.

Mexican Corn Chilli and Lime.pdf
Cauliflower & Parmesan

A creamy comforting hit of cauliflower accompanied by the salty tang of Parmesan.

Cauliflower and Parmesan.pdf