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LoveToppers From Redemption


Our range of five fresh Fruit Toppers, all made with real fruit, have been developed to use as a topping, layer or ingredient, in a multitude of breakfast, snack-time and dessert dishes.

They provide a fabulous fruitiness with a balance of sweetness and acidity, so they are an ideal ingredient for layered yogurts and breakfast muesli/granola, or on porridge, or as an ice cream topping, or a versatile dessert ingredient. 

Why not try the range of toppers to tempt your customers:

  • ideal layered with yoghurt and muesli/granola – the perfect breakfast
  • liven up porridge 
  • Dessert ingredient: cheesecakes/sponge cakes/scones/pancakes
  • Ice cream – as a topping or as an ingredient 
  • great in rice pudding
  • perfect as a pie filling